Home Improvement: Laundry Room!

This is our second “Home Improvement” project… if you read what our first one, it was in our bedroom which was just painting. I don’t say “just” because it was a little project – painting always takes more time that I think it will, and it did take a while… so we were able to move on to our next of priorities…



Well folks, this was a pretty big project that Greg did!  I did not take the picture soon enough, but you can see where there was a door and trim around it… he has already taken that out/down. But there is more… 

Laundry Room – Before

I am someone that actually will enjoy doing laundry, but it is really  hard in a space like this!  It is so small and dark too! There is a small light, but it is a cramped space with no natural light. So, Greg had the fantastic idea to open it up to where the space could be used more and I could actually get in there with a laundry basket!

Laundry Room - In process, cutting out the sheetrock and beyond!

I should have taken a few more in-process pictures, but I didn’t!  The picture below shows the “finished” room (for now) and yes, it is GREEN! It is a really fun color and looks fresh and clean (at least to me). It is fun to go in now… especially since I can actually GO IN! I still need to finish moving things back in and DO LAUNDRY – which has really piled up since our “construction zone” and painting limited my ability to stay up on laundry!  I love it and it is a much better use of the space! 

Laundry Room - After

Some things that we still would like to do in this space someday (near or very future depending on time/resources/plans and more):

  • Lay lenolium or something… cover up that concrete floor
  • put up cabinets and a different shelving system
  • Install some “french style” doors  to close off the space
  • that is all for now!

One thought on “Home Improvement: Laundry Room!

  1. Super job, Greg! Seriously! I like the green and most definitely the added room makes doing laundry more enjoyable. Awesome!

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