The “Gum-Ball” Machine

We have a gum-ball machine (it was Greg’s mom’s)…yay!! I have always wanted one – I think they are fun! I am more a fan of the machine I guess because I have  never been a fan of the traditional gum-ball.  So far, I have filled it with nothing but M&Ms of all kinds.  It has been fun to switch them out according to the season.  Here are pictures of our first  3 “fills” at some time during their season… some are taken at about empty, but you get the idea!

 It is fun to do for me! Unfortunately, there is not a store around here that has the specialty individual colors to buy – like all the pastels and different shades!  Maybe next time I will find some something like that, or put something other than M&Ms…. something healthier perhaps (which would be ideal) like nuts… but hey I like to put almond M&Ms in there at least!  These little artificially-colored, full-of-perservative-bites are just so colorful and fun looking!  Visit our fruit bowl or fridge if you want something healthy! 🙂

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