Home Improvement #1: The Bedroom!

Part of the fun (and of course the work) of having your own home is making improvements… decorating… and creating a reflection of who you are, what you like and what you are about!  This of course is limited (or expanded) by income, resources, foundation,  the walls… and whatever else we can come up with!  There are many improvements we want to make as well as many options of what we can do but for now, we are of course limited with a few of the reasons listed.  Our home was built in the early 80’s and I am starting to think it was a time to make bathrooms, closets and kitchens as small as possible!  Maybe not for every house, but that is what we have – so we can not do much in those areas, but what we can work with is paint, fixtures etc… cosmetic factors.  Expanding the whole house out a few feet to give us some storage space and wiggle room in the bathrooms and kitchen is just not feasible! 🙂  Overall, the house is a good size – plenty big for the two of us (3 bedrooms), especially because we are always in the same room, whichever one that is!  We are so blessed to have a place to live and my what sounds like complaining is actually quite petty considering all we have! 

Anyways, more recently (prior to us living here together), the carpet and tile was updated (except one room that is flooded with hues of pink, which we will talk about later) so, this is really nice for us because we don’t have the expense of taking out the true “hunter-green” carpet! 

So, the first thing we decided to do was paint the master bedroom because it was sherbet orange… not really our color!  This is what it looked like before and after…

It is a huge change! We like the paint colors but we ideally need another coat of the lighter to get rid of the orange hue we at think we can still see – unless it is our imagination!   But for now, we are calling the bedroom “done” and will move onto other projects before hopefully coming back and updating the fan and other hardware/outlet covers.

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