A Foggy morning with the hope of spring!

It is a foggy morning around these parts, but the promise of spring is in the air! We have had a few warmer days combined with some good rain which has encouraged some green to come out! This is really exciting because I love spring!  The warmth from the sun the past few days feels so nice… so nice that it is hard to stay inside and get things done!  I love how the sun warms me and puts a tingle on my face!  The weather people tell us not to get our hopes up about warmer weather sticking, but how can I not? I love it! Anyhow, we will enjoy it while we can and if it is not here to stay, I know it will be back!

The warm weather is especially welcomed because we have had a lot of cold weather (yes, in Florida)! We’ve experienced many nights near or below freezing along with days of needing at least a jacket, if not a coat too!  I am used to colder and harsher winters…moreso used to SNOW which brings with it shoveling, scraping etc.   Locals have said it is a colder winter this year than usual. There has been longer spells of cold and it just hangs on longer.   I am still thankful to have a break from the elements though!  Snow, ice and freezing  temperatures most of the time is a winter I am used to but I have to admit, I kind of miss it!  Something I am not used to however ,  is the “wet cold”  here… it has more of a “bite” and it does not have to be too cold to feel it! Enough about the weather… there are many many other great things to do and talk about – like things we CAN control! 🙂

I hope this finds you enjoying your February day!

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