Meet “Boy-Dog”

This is Boy-Dog!   He is a boy… and a dog!  🙂

Boy Dog patiently waiting in the pasture

He is the faithful dog out on the family land where Greg’s grandparents and two brothers and their families live.   One day several years ago he showed up at Greg’s brothers house, and has been there ever since!  He is always there to greet you and always knows where the action is. During the day he hangs out with Greg’s grandparents since they are home and in the evening he goes to his “home” down the road or will stay where they are people hanging out.  He runs everywhere and will follow you in the car down the road in between families homes.  I don’t know how much this dog runs, but it seems to be all the time! He has 3 houses to check in on, other dogs to say hi to, cows in a few pastures and even a few extended families to check on!  Wherever people are, is where he is.  He goes everywhere with Pa… whatever the outside chores of the day are (check on and feed the cows, work on fences and beyond).  He loves people and is always excited to see someone pull up!   Since he is strictly an outside dog he gets very excited when people are outside with him! Oh, and another little fact – He does not like to eat alone!  He prefers you sit and watch him eat!  Well, that is it for now – an intro to Boy-Dog!

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