In Memory of Grill Chicken…

Well folks, I have sad news.  My Miss Chicken dissapeared about a week ago and has not come home. We don’t know exactly what happened to her, but I have not found her. 

We are gearing up to head away from the mountains before too long and make our way across the rest of the country. Sadly, it will be without my feathered friend in tow… she was a very lucky chicken to make it to Oregon and back and make some fans on the way…but won’t get to continue her adventure across the rest of the country.   She really was a joy for me to have, it was just a lot shorter than I thought it would be… I never knew I would like to have a chicken until I had her, what a silly and fun pet… and many times not even chicken-like! I know she had many fans from all over but her little story sadly has to end.

Grill relaxing on the porch just a couple weeks ago


5 thoughts on “In Memory of Grill Chicken…

  1. I like the pic of Grill relaxing on the porch. So sorry Grill is gone and won’t be able to travel on with you. Having Grill was such a life lesson, how we can be surprised by how we enjoy someone or something and then it is gone so much sooner than we expected. We only have the present moment to love those we are with, recognizing they are God’s gift to us in that moment and we are His gift to them. Loving God and loving others is what it is about.
    love you! Aunt Deb

  2. I really liked that chicken,gonna miss her. I suppose she is in chicken heaven, just clucking away. I am sorry for you and I know you will miss her, but we all know all things happen for a purpose, and God is in control of all things great and small. Hope you have a great trip across country. Best wishes Janice , from tx.

  3. Sad! 😦 I will miss reading about grill chicken, she seemed to have more personality than is usually allotted a single chicken, I will miss hearing of her adventures!

    • I know – she was so silly! I planned on making it at least all the way to Florida with her…. oh well, we will see if I can find another pet to talk about! ha ha

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