Cinnamon Roll Sunday!

Well folks… today is Cinnamon Roll Sunday here at Lost Trail… As a matter of fact, our 6th week! Cinnamon Roll Sunday is a little thing my husband and I put together for the guests here. Every sunday we get up and make a big batch of cinnamon rolls. We have had a great time doing this… sure we wake up early but it is a great time together and a great opportunity for the guests to meet each other and us to meet them!   If you are nearby, you may smell these baking as you drive by, but for sure once you pass by our home early sunday mornings!  If you’re a neighbor, stop in and visit us and get a hot cup of coffee along with a fresh roll!

Fresh Cinnamon Rolls

4 thoughts on “Cinnamon Roll Sunday!

  1. Beautiful cinnamon rolls! Your Graham Cracker would be so proud of you. I was thinking this morning that I’ve missed learning about your adventures this summer but I also realize the free time you had last summer is now spent with Greg, which is appropriate. However, since it was just this morning that I was thinking about this, how nice to find a posting by you this afternoon! We are looking forward to seeing you two later this week!

  2. Hey, you have updated. I can smell the cinnamon rolls. I remember how we enjoyed them and visiting with you and Greg,keep up the good work. Ya’ll are a great young couple,and a good role modle for every one. God bless , Janice from tx.

    • Thanks so much Janice! Great to hear from you! 🙂 We enjoyed having you all here as well…You were our very first “cinnamon roll sunday” crew! We hope you all are doing well and enjoying your summer!


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