Grill Chicken returns!

Well it has been forever since my last post – months! A lot has happeded over the past few months, all great things – just super busy!  I finally graduated, moved home, passed my big national test, got married and moved to Colorado… which brings us to this posts topic…

Grill Chicken.

She is back in action!  Some of you will enjoy this as you have been following the story of my chicken, Grill!

We are back in Colorado on her old stomping ground and she has found some rather interesting ways to pass her time…

Gizmo is a horse that we bring in from pasture daily as he has tended to “founder” some in the past, so we limit his intake and try and get him exercise… but Grill has found it quite fun to spend her days with him… she walks under his belly, sleeps behind his back legs, walks under his nose and lets him touch her feathers…. she is quite the friend for him and a brave one. If he drinks water she tries to stick her head into his water….. and more!

When Gizmo is away “working”… the chicken has taken to our front porch with one of the ranch kitties… (after going down to see if Gizmo is up for the day or not) where they relax on the chairs or people watch.  She always hopes for breakfast scraps too.  She loves to be where the action is so where there are people or other animals gathered she will be.  The other day we were petting the baby horse and momma and the chicken came to join in and she was a little unsure of the colt following around trying to touch her tail feather.

Always a good laugh around here!

Grill hanging out in the tac shed

Grill Chicken and Alex catching some rest on the front porch!

Gizmo and Grill

4 thoughts on “Grill Chicken returns!

  1. Hi Beka,

    Thank you so much for posting! I have been missing Gin and checked your blog to see if there was a post. So glad Grill is thriving! Sounds like you are, too!

    May you always live life abundantly!


    • Hi Karen,
      Thanks for the comment! I have also missed Gin’s blog and I know she had many many followers there – even still! Grill has been one fun chicken for me! She is one of those animals that is different than most others her type… and is just fun!

      Thanks again, hope this finds you doing more than good!


  2. good to see grill chicken again. I think its wonderful how animals can get along and be so different, I think some of us people could take a lesson from grill chicken and her friends

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