What is a home?

I have been thinking about “home” the past few days… What is it about “home” that is so special? I always look forward to going home and always have ever since I started my adventures aka MOVED OUT.  However, my parents may say that I have not actually moved out, but I have been out (and in) since I graduated high school (in *ah hemm* 2003).  But honestly, I can’t stay away too long… I hate to stay away, but why is that? I remember hearing people in high school say, “I can’t wait to move out of my parents house”… “I am so ready to get out of this town” and I personally never understood their comments.  I actually loved my home (and my parents) and did not want to leave.  I loved the town I lived in and the people there!


Back on track: I think it is important to share my definition of home. 

Home is not a structure, a house is a structure A home is not the material possessions in it, that is just stuff.  A home is centered in love,  peace and the people within its walls.  A home is safe, secure and somewhere you can be yourself, grow, be encouraged and regain “you” after being “out there”. 

 Obviously, this definition may be different  than yours.  I can see however that people who are in such a hurry to leave “home” may not have these qualities at their house, but I did.

This is weird, but because home had these qualities for me  it fueled me in leaving and preparing to make a life for myself. Now how does that make sence?  Some people may never “grow up” and leave home because they are not encouraged to grow and bloom on their own.

Soon, I will marry my love and it is time for me… US, to make a home of our own and establish these qualities for ourselves… wherever we are and wherever we are led.  All that we have learned and all we bring into our marriage will help make our house into a home. That does not mean that I/we do not make it home anymore, but that we establish a place of our own where we have this love, peace, joy and all the qualities that create “home”.  

I am fortunate to have such fond memories of my childhood and thankful that I had a great place to grow up – a wonderful home, family and support system. This is why I am excited to begin a new life – and start a new home is because of how blessed I have been… I feel ready and excited to share life with my soon to be husband and see what we can accomplish together! 


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