A new “hobby”… still a lot to learn

My first real project about finished


I am learning to knit! So far so good and I am really enjoying it!  It is a nice change of pace to be able to sit and “mindlessly” do something.  I say mindlessly but it is a time I can sit and try to unwind from the chaotic days at school and work…. and think about what I want to think about!  I don’t know if mindless exists for me, at least not right now.  Knitting is nice because I can do as little or as much as I want or have time for and progress can be seen!  Pictured is  a project I am making as a gift… it is obviously “beginner”  looking, but it will still be warm and at least has neat color! I hope to get the basics down then feel better about buying higher quality yarns and also incorporate different stitches or patters. someday… but like I said still a lot to learn! 

Why not try something new? I recommend it! 


2 thoughts on “A new “hobby”… still a lot to learn

  1. I enjoyed knitting a couple years ago and made some scarves. It is a nice hobby that you can sit and do. I’d like to do more of it but would have to give up other things, like Facebook and email! Glad you are giving it a try and learning something new!

    • I could give up facebook very fast… but thats me! It is probably the least productive thing I do! 🙂 So…. it’s days are limited and few and not far enough in-between for me. Once school kicks up again I don’t do much on it even with it connected to my phone. I just like to do the knitting a little at a time and watch the progress. I can hammer out quite a bit if I am sitting doing something else so that is good. Multi-tasking is fun!

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