Soon, I will marry my Love…

Yep, you read right – I am getting married!

My Love and I on our engagement day


In just 6 months we will marry! Finally!  We are ready and excited.   It was 6 years ago that we hung out for the first time. This is funny to me looking back, but we studied for a final in one of the classes we had together.  It is funny because after hearing him tell me much later, “I thought you studied and thought that would be a good way to get you to hang out with me”.   I still don’t know how he got a better test score on the final than me because I actually studied while he claims that he was just interested in studying me.  Ok, call me oblivious, but I thought he really wanted to study, so I could not figure out why he was asking me questions not related to the material whatsoever. 

Well, here we are years later after going through some hard times and many wonderful times. Our worlds that have been a country apart will finally join.  I cannot help but look back at all the blessings and times in our lives that have worked out perfectly.  I used to pray that there would be a way for us to be together… I did not know how but I knew that it would take more than my own (or his) effort.  It was a challenge for me to let go and trust that it would all work out for the best.  I won’t continue into many many other stories, but it has been wonderful how it has panned out and turned into something wonderful.

I am not a firm believer that there is only one person in the world for everyone. There is not a reason for people to believe … “if you don’t pay attention you will  miss the one you are supposed to be with” and live an unhappy single life.  I do however believe that Love is a choice not a feeling that we get. We can choose who we love and who we are to be with for the rest of our lives and that is the way it should be. We sometimes joke around by saying “You are the ONE” (I do not mean to poke fun at those who do believe this),  but more seriously we have made the choice that we will love each other forever with a foundation that is based on something greater than the love we have for each other.  Our love is based on the love we have been given. We are able to love because we are loved unconditionally by the Author of love.  This man will be the one that I spend the rest of my life with which makes him the one – yes, but I have made the choice to love him.  I’ve got my man and that he will always be. 


One thought on “Soon, I will marry my Love…

  1. Congratulations on finding your love, Beka dear! It was interesting to read your account of the first time you two spent time together, supposedly to study for a final. With you, I wonder how he got a better score on that exam when he didn’t study for it as much as you did.

    I agree with you that there is not just ONE person right for you to marry. We DO make the choice to love the people we love. It isn’t automatic. Also, it is an ongoing choice to love the person you marry. Those who depend on feelings alone, don’t stay married. We must choose to do the loving thing and the feeling follows. We love you and are looking forward to your wedding, trusting God that we will be able to be there. ~Aunt Deb & Uncle Vernon

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