The “dirty” dance!


I am bound to get a good video of her “dirty” dance sometime.  I walked by her having a serious dust bath the other day… I mean dirt and dust was flying everywhere! I could not get my camera fast enough to get the main part….but here is what I did get!

8 thoughts on “The “dirty” dance!

  1. Glad you captured part of it! I don’t know enough about chickens to know why she does that. I’d think she would lay an egg there but maybe not.

  2. Great!
    Can I put a link on my blog to this – in case there are any Grill Chicken fans out there wondering how she’s doing?
    Bet some folks will be wondering how YOU are doing too, but not much news of that on your blog right now, so I suppose the answer is: busy.

    • Hi Carol!
      It was great meeting you this summer! She has made herself quite at home here and makes me laugh at least once every day. She runs to the car when I we get home and follows close behind us up the sidewalk when we go to leave. She likes to be around people!
      Hope you are well!

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