Last Year of School!

Today marks the start of a new adventure for me.  


Ok, school may not seem like an adventure to you and for sure it is not a new one for me, but adventure I am calling it.   I have been in school for many years.  The other day someone asked me what grade I was in. I have not heard that question for years, so either I looked like I was in high school or they just wanted to see me fumble with my fingers to add up to 18.  Yes, if I was in a grade it would be 18. No repeats, no hold backs, no skipping – just still going.  There is good news however; this is my last year…  and no I will not be a doctor, even after all that school!  

The reason I call this an adventure.

Well, it sounds better, keeps me motivated and I like adventure! More seriously, adventure to me always involves risk.   It is an activity or event or something most likely risky that carries the hope of a favorable outcome.  Adventure does not always have to be thrilling and fun, but something that you actively do.  School is a dedicated process that takes a lot of time, diligence and of course a great deal of money.  With all of this is the hope of graduating and gaining a job in the applied field.  A job?  Yikes! That is a different story, I will save it.

So here I am starting my last year of school and perhaps one of the more important ones. I am a dietetic intern for the year so I will be working everyday at a few different rotation and areas within the field with the addition of class, studying and homework.  Sounds pretty professional, and it is. Yes, I am brushing my hair, but I sure miss those boots and levis! 

Now, if only I could finger-paint, color, bring my chicken for show-and-tell and get stickers for doing well…

It may not be as exciting of an adventure to share, not to mention my limited free time, but I will write when I can and share things along the way.

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