“Happy Chickens live in Oregon”

So, many of you have already heard this but…

I have a chicken.

 A real-deal, egg laying, chicken!  This “Grill-Chicken” has quite the story as well!  So her adventure continues….

I was offered to take this girl home with me to Oregon at the end of the summer! Of course I wanted her, but convincing my parents (and when I say parents… my father) that we needed a chicken!

So first I simply asked:

Can I bring a chicken home?

Then with not getting a resounding YES…I wrote wrote the following “Happy Chickens live in Oregon” add and sent it:

Grill Chicken!

“Hello, my name is Grill Chicken, or so they call me, but I am much more fancy and sofisticated than my name portrays. My people call me this because, well,  I sleep by the grill.  This may not be my first choice, but what is a sweet ol’ hen to do? I would much rather be roosted with my fellow ladies in the warm hen-house but (chicks cover your ears) they have all died a tragic death and I was left beat up but alive to tell the story (because I comminicate so well, at least that is what they told me)…. and now the new flock won’t accept me and somehow I fell to the bottom of the pecking order.  I have been graciously saved and was nursed back to health, and I just well….anyways, I always get carried away with chatter, but oh well, moving on. The winter will come soon and winters up here are how do I say it – BAWK  (I could not get the translation here) so the reason I am writing this add is because I hear happy chickens are from Oregon and I have always wanted to go to Oregon and well folks I want to be happy…..so PICK ME …..PICK ME!!! Oh and I am very modest, but I have a wonderful, friendly bubbly personality and will pay rent, apparently an egg a day keeps the land-lord away.

So, she was put in a wonderful chicken (breathing) friendly box by Forrest and was loaded up shot-gun in my truck and us two gals hit the road! Gin wrote a little post about us on the road.

Me and Grill Chicken loaded up!

More to come about Ms.Chicken and her new “happy” home!

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