Leaving The Mountain…


A beautiful rainbow a couple days before I left

A beautiful rainbow a couple days before I left

I very recently left the beautiful mountains of Colorado where I spent my summer with the Getz family at their home, ranch and business – Lost Trail Ranch.  I can not think of a better way to spend a summer. For me,  it was incredible. I enjoyed it all  and miss it big!  I learned much more than I imagined I would and had a blast doing so.  I came being interested and intrigued  by horses, and left more interested and intrigued but also fascinated and in love with them.  In addition I really enjoyed the challenge and the satisfaction of actually learning something new each time I was around them. But, boy, do I have a lot to learn!  I believe you can never learn it all and there is always more to learn and experience. I am sure I could talk a lot about just that, but I will spare you! I have been really busy since I got back getting in gear for my next adventure which is one I am not as thrilled about but I will talk about that soon. I just wanted  to share a  few thoughts that I had leading up to and on my last day in the high country.

It is never fun to leave the mountains and I have always dreaded it.  Actually, I will admit that in the past when it was time to leave I would always hope that it would pour down rain the day we had to leave so it was not as hard to leave… since we would not be missing out as much on a good hike or something outside.  Even that selfish wish coming true does not help because the truth is I love it when it rains too!  Well, things have changed a little bit, well a tiny bit.  It is still hard to leave and never gets easier, but I don’t hope the last day rains and  I don’t hope the last day shines… I hope my truck breaks down and I am stuck! 🙂 Ok but seriously, after spending a longer period of time up in the high country what I want for my last day is not selfish. If it rains, that would be great because we need rain! But no matter where you look, rain or shine  one can see the beauty that is all around. It is up to me to enjoy it while I can and be thankful for every minute I do have up there. I got a small glimpse of what it would be like to live there all year although the “good times” or the summer season is nothing compared to the harsh winters which I can only imagine. I say that because being on “vacation” for a week or two is short and if it rains the whole time it puts a damper on our normal outdoor activities and the views on our hikes, but spending a season out there I am more interested in and excited about what the land needs., like rain in the dry season! 

This year what I wanted for my last day was of course one more day but… rain or shine, wind or still, hot or cold it did not matter because I was thankful no matter what because I had learned not to let the weather determine the kind of day I would have.  I know that I will always want one more day up here. It goes fast no matter how many days I spend somwhere I love and it always comes to an end, the dreaded last day comes.  I could have done anything on my last day and been happy.  Hanging out with the horses (especially the babies), going on a ride, visiting with friends, going hiking, bike riding or any combination of the above.  But the feeling of not wanting to leave is one I am  used to in the mountains but not used to in general… When I think of leaving school I am always ready to leave so my last day is spent, well, packing!  This time was different, I was not ready. 

Anyways, my truck started!

I write this post from home where I will be for a couple days before I head up to tackle my last year of school. Can I get a hallelujah!? As I sit here, it  is weird because  I did not miss town, traffic, shopping or the busyness of it all like many would.  This grande vanilla non-fat extra-hot latte tastes amazing but I survived without those even! Of course and more importantly I missed my family and it is always wonderful to see them as much as I can. 

I miss being able to step off the front porch to be greeted by baby horses, being followed around by a chicken, a cat, and sometimes a dog, visiting with guests and spending time with the family! I am sad I had to leave, but most of all very thankful that it happened and I had the opportunity to experience such an adventure!

Thank you Lost Trail Family!

One thought on “Leaving The Mountain…

  1. I just now read this entry, Beka dear. Thank you for sharing your heart. I’m so glad you had such a wonderful summer. I wonder what your future holds and where you will be in a few years. God has a great plan, that I believe! Love you!!!

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