Part 4: … Eat!

It may seem weird to include eating in the “what do we do here series” but if you knew me it would be very fitting.  Eating is part of our time – family time up here and at home.  My parents have always made a point for the family to all eat dinner together around the table. It is a good memory for me. Although… I do remember playing with my food or something of the sort and my dad asked me to stop and I deliberately did it again. Oops.  But really, I am thankful for that tradition!  Every since I can remember we have eaten at least dinner together as a family after we all get home from work or school.

Up here we eat all our meals together! My mom makes extravagant, beautiful and hearty meals. So we eat and we eat well.  We have our mountain favorites or traditional cabin favorites, but it is also fun to try new things. 

Cooking and especially baking is more fun up here. Breads rise more and food just tastes so much better!  In the higher altitude we also burn more calories just sitting, but we are rarely sitting for the good part of the day – so all the extra calories usually end up being alright.  Science does not have to tell me that more calories are burnt up here because my tummy does.

Another neat thing (yes I meant to say neat) is the lack of modern “cooking” equipment such as microwaves for example.  I feel that we get so caught up in the fast food, quick fix society and everything just happens too fast.  We miss out on good old fashioned cooking – a home cooked meal is not what is used to be for many.  So up here we enjoy doing everything by hand. We mix, knead, chop, wash and everything else with our own hands and arms. Cooking is more of a process, but is very worth the extra time and effort.

 Oh, and  Mr. Coffee does not live here and Starbucks is not near. I think coffee just tastes better brewed with an old fashioned percolator out of our old mugs in front of a warm fire!

Our Sour Cream Beef Enchilladas!
Our Sour Cream Beef Enchilladas!

This year when my family was here…we did something new. Each couple had a night to make dinner.  This is Greg and I with our main dish! We did pretty good and had a great time.  So

One thought on “Part 4: … Eat!

  1. Glad you have good memories of our family dinners. I do too! And the enchiladas you and Greg made were delicious (not to mention the homemade bread and fabulous apple crisp)!

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