Welcome “Little E”

While I was away for a wedding in Kansas a colt was born!  What a little joy (and a spunky one too) to come “home” to. He is full of energy for such a tiny little guy.  I believe I hear right – that he is the smallest colt born here at the ranch so far!  He keeps momma busy all day by by being so spunky, independant and high energy.  Right now he is just about a week old!  He also nurses constantly. This is Memphis’ first foal and she is such a great mommy! I met him on tuesday evening when I got back and officially met him on Wednesday morning when he came over to me and put his little nose right on my cheek.  “Little E” is short for Elvis…. who came out of Memphis (mommas name!)

Welcome Little one!Memphis and Little E

Little Big Boy!

3 thoughts on “Welcome “Little E”

  1. I know 4 little ones who would LOVE to pet this
    “Little E” – yes he sure is cute! How tall is he?
    I am sure you enjoyed your time in Kansas but was happy to get back to your ‘friends’ and God’s beauty there in Colorado
    Hugs and love
    Auntie Laura

    • Little E was 33″ when he was a day old, so maybe a little taller now! He is full of spunk and energy! I want to take him home with me! 🙂 Kansas was good but it is hard to be two places you want to be at once… or for that matter I can think of several!!

  2. Yes, you probably do have several places you would like to be! :o)
    33″ isn’t very tall! Does he let you pet him or is he pretty wild and frisky?
    Yes, I think that your dad needs a little horse to eat the brush down around the place!!! Yes, indeed!
    love ya
    Auntie Laura

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