Part 3: … Community

I both like communtiy and think that it is important.  Even in the middle of nowhere you can find it. I mean find it because out here in the high country your closest neighbor is not going to be in the house that you can touch from your window or the people that live on your block.  Up here, your neighbor may be in the cabin down the way, in the tent nearby, or the hiker you merge with on the trail. You can come here and completely do your own thing and maybe even manage to see nobody, or seek the community of those that call this place home, have been coming up here for years or are even here for the first time.  I say “in the middle of nowhere” but  I guess we’re not really in the middle of nowhere – we are somewhere and somewhere very special, beautiful, breathtaking… the list goes on. It seems like those that see it as the middle of nowhere may not see its value and enjoy what it has to offer. I think the reason it comes out of my mouth is because it is a quick sum up for what some people call an  “elevator conversation” (starts and ends fast). Anyways, I don’t see community as just those that you live around, but those you communicate with, value and share something in common with.  Up here we share a love for this place and everything that goes with it.

The first time I came up here I was in my mom’s tummy, now 24 years ago.  I think there has been once or twice that we went somewhere else for vacation… but every other year we have been on a vacation it has been here.  That is not a bad thing as I could be happy coming here forever.

The reason I started this post was to talk about community and I of course got carried away with too long of an intro that may not even fit. Oh well. No rules about that right?

Something I enjoy about this place and look forward to  is the community here. There are still people here that knew my great-grandparents and that is always very exciting to me because I never knew my great-grandpa, so hearing stories about him is always a treat.  Plus, if they would not have built a cabin out here, I doubt I would ever have the opportunity to be at such a beautiful place. I can’t even imagine not coming back here let alone not ever experiencing it! 

I would say that you can tell pretty fast who the community is up here.  This may not be the case, but people that don’t wave, or even make some kind of eye contact are probably not you neighbors, but maybe those that are here exploring for the first time or are here for themselves.  It is pretty hard to come here by accident, so people are not merely just passing through like they would in a town. Up here, you drive in to visit.

The more time I spend here the more I see, experience and participate in the community. Trips to town are generally few and far between, so when someone goes it is often with their list and a few others’ lists too. There are trips to the post office, getting each others mail, delivering baked goods, sharing meals, helping with projects, throwing bonfires with smores, and the list goes on. Community makes this place even better – most people keep to them selves, but know that if they need something there are people to help. It seems that most people are connected somehow. There is probably not more than one person between each person, as with those that have cabins in the area. So, if one person does not know so and so, the next will.

Your nearest neighbor here may be from the other side of the country or anywhere in between. Before you know it, you have met more people than names you can remember.  I may have a hard time remembering someones name the first time I meet them, but they will be people you won’t forget.

So, something else we do here is community and it is a wonderful part.  I have been spoiled to be up here all summer and meet many more people and have a chance to participate in events I otherwise would not have. There are tremendous people everywhere and everyone I have met have been such. Those that take the time to come all the way out here to stay really love it here and cherish it.  Unfortunately, there are always going to be the people that come and treat it otherwise, but I hope we can be an example to them and prove to them that this place and everywhere else for that matter is worth respecting in addition to the community here.

Over and out for now, this got too long so I better quite before I keep going!

One thought on “Part 3: … Community

  1. It was interesting to read how a sense of community is evident where you are. I agree it is very important in our lives and I’m glad you experience it there. You know community was God’s idea and He made us. “Let US make man in OUR image.” (the trinity) Heaven will be the best community forever!

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