Slumber under the Stars

The glimmer from my candle out under the night sky!

The glimmer from my candle out under the night sky!

I spent a few nights this week sleeping  out under the open sky. I have always though that it would be neat to do, but never did.  I have probably freaked myself out about the idea or not had the right opportunity. OK, I was probably terrified at the thought of being in the mountains sleeping outside because I would get eaten. I lived and really enjoyed it!

 When the sun goes down out here, it is very dark – no street lights, no cities in the distance, but these few nights just the moon and stars. So it is quite amazing to be out and enjoy the night sky this way. I made up a place to sleep in the bed of my truck and it was perfect.  In the past I have always been cold up here, even when I sleep inside, but my parents gave me a great graduation gift that has changed my sleeping life! They got me a hard core down comforter (which I would reccomend in a heart beat)… so I was actually warm and cozy – no hint of cold, even outside (during this particular season).

I’m not sure there could have been a better few nights for me to do this.  There was not a cloud in the sky all night and the stars were numerous and bright.  I was so comfortable when I got in bed that I could hardly stay awake for the moon-rise. It was beautiful falling asleep with the sound of the river below me and the light, fresh mountain breeze slowly moving about. I also loved waking up with the sting of the sunrise on my cheeks. That is a neat feeling. It was fun to lift up my head and see the horses grazing nearby lifting their heads to say hello. Pretty amazing few nights I must say.

3 thoughts on “Slumber under the Stars

  1. I agree, beautiful description of sleeping outside (and I’m so glad the down comforter is working out nicely) I will have to hunt one down one of these days…

    • Ohhhh my!
      Yes, the comforter has been quite necessary! I am so glad I did it – spendy, but soooo warm! If I was going to have another Pullman winter it would be quite a necessity!! 🙂

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