Part 2: … Family and Friends

2009 Crew

Here is the whole crew together!

So, as some of you have noticed, I have neglected my blog for the past few weeks. This post on family and friends is fitting as a continuation of my series because the number one reason I have not posted is becuase I was busy hanging out with my family and friends that were here.  My parents, my brother and his girlfriend and my boyfriend were all here throughout the time it has been since I posted last.   All of our time was a blast and it all went too fast.  I always love family time and can’t get enough of it. So it is a fitting topic because it is a large majority of what goes on for us (family time) and is the basis for many other activities that go on.  It seems like the majority of people that come out here to this area are either family, friends or both. It is rare that I see people come our here to spend time alone.  We fill about our whole time here doing things together. We find new adventures, play a lot, relax and enjoy our time here together. Rarely do we choose to do things alone.

This year was extra fun and special for me because my boyfriend was finally able to make the trip out. It feels like I have been trying to get him out here for years! There was just not enough time to do it all, so he will have to come back I guess!

Enjoying time by the fire 

Enjoying time by the fire. This is where you would find us most mornings, usually before others woke up!



One thought on “Part 2: … Family and Friends

  1. The above picture is absolutely adorable, you two… are a stunning couple. I’m just going to say it… good grief!!

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