A bliss-FULL morning

All the animals are fed and happy, the horses, chickens, doves and cats…. and now for my breakfast of chocolate chip pancakes. I love eating up here – no matter how full I get, I still manage to be hungry a couple hours later.

chocolate chip pancakes
My breakfast this morning: Chocolate-Chip Pancakes

The last few mornings after I eat breakfast, I head out to the pasture to visit the horses and brush them. Currently there are just a few horses because the rest are on the trail.  In the main pasture are 2 yearlins,  a 2 year old and a lovely pregnant mare – due in just a month. I call them the kids.  At about 9am I find this:

Here are the "kids" after a filling breakfast!
Here are the “kids” after a filling breakfast!

 Then I give them all a good brushing – while they are laying down. It is funny because they will fall asleep and snore while I am brushing them.  I can stand over them, squat by them whatever – they are chill and happy. I will have to post a picture of all the extra hair that came off Frank on the right a couple days ago. He was so shaggy from his winter coat shedding off. This is what I leave:

The "kids" after some love and brushing
The “kids” after some love and brushing

I learned that horses don’t lay down unless they are comfortable…. this is an example of some comfortable, happy, full horses! Definitely a blissful morning and for them emphasis on the bliss and being FULL!

2 thoughts on “A bliss-FULL morning

  1. hahaha, I love the “before brushing” and “after brushing” shots, so cute that they snore, haha! What pretty horses!!!

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