Mommy, wait for me!

I recorded this yesterday. Baby (6 days old) had been sound asleep and mom kind of wanded a ways during his nap… grazing along. Baby woke up to mom not close enough. This is the farthest I’d seen them from eachother, so I thought it could be good to see babies reaction… here it is! I appoligize for the shakey filming… I was laughing too hard to keep it still.


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6 thoughts on “Mommy, wait for me!

    • Pile O Horses! That would have been a good title! The “kids” were so fun and it was nice they were so comfortable with me being so close! Especially Tresjure who has not known me but a few days.

  1. I’m glad you caught the little’s race to catch up to his mother on film. I liked watching him run and hearing your giggle 🙂

  2. Cute! Good timing on the video! Poor little guy was quite alarmed… reminded me of a little kid minding his own buisness in a store when mom moves away shopping. lol!

    • ya. 🙂 that is funny!
      Then mom finds the kid in the cookie or cereal isle… or over the loud speaker everyone hears – could Ms. youlostyourchild please come to the front, we have your child.

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