The warmth of the sun

Something that I love is the warmth of the sun… just the sun in general and the slight sting it brings your cheeks. Have you ever gotten into your car on a cool day, but the sun has warmed it up? Well, I’m talking about something way way better.  The warmth of the sun matched with a crisp and clean mountain air.  The air is so fresh here and being outside is the best place to be. There have been a couple mornings that I have even eaten breakfast out on the porch just as the sun is showing over the mountains. It is cold, but with the sun-heater it is just right.  Today I think I was outside pretty much all day and it was yet another beautiful one. I felt the little sting on my cheeks for a little bit today, one of the little things in life I love.

Today was a day with no rain, but the rain has been good for all the grass…. and wildflowers starting to bloom. The wild Iris are beginning to bloom out in many places! I took this picture today on a little walk in the late afternoon.

Iris beginning to bloom

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