June Snow!

Yesterday, it snowed. It snowed enough to cover the ground and give the mountains a blanket of white. It was such a beautiful sight. I was kind of laughing thinking that I have always wanted to see it snow up here.  I never thought it would be June. A light snow dusting

I have probably taken this picture of the castles 100 times over the past several years.  One thing about it – it never gets dull, never old. It is always fresh. It freezes and draws my attention every day.  The only difference about today from all the other times, is the snow. By the time we get up here the snow has already melted and run off.  It was breathtaking to see it pop out from the clouds after the snow.The castles

and finally, this is little Crickett who is almost 2 weeks old. During the cold and snowy morning, a foal blanket was put on him to keep his core warm. He was so sweet and cuddly.

Baby Crickett keeping warm

Baby Crickett keeping warm

What a wonderful day. A foal was born, it rained, it snowed and then the sun broke out and melted everything off.  I took this on an afternoon walk. Hard to believe all the snow in the morning, and the warm sun breaking loose in the afternoon. I guess it does not suprise me that much, but it was neat.A sunny afternoon after the snow

4 thoughts on “June Snow!

  1. It’s exciting to read about all of your activities. How cool! I enjoy the pictures and getting to read your thoughts on your experiences. I love to see your passion for what you are doing in Colorado! Way to go cuz!

    • YES!! Snow! I have always wanted to see it snow up here… but was never sure about being snowed in here to see it, so it was a treat for sure to see it and then have it melt off by the warm sun!

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