The little one has come!

I can honestly say that today was one of the neatest days of my life.

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, Willow was due to give birth sometime in the middle of the night – I also mentioned more than once it was something I did not want to miss. 

At about 3:15 am Gin shined her headlamp through my bedroom window along with a little tap and that was enough. I jumped out of bed so fast that I knocked something over. I had set myself up so when I went to bed all I had to do was grab my coat and basically walk into my shoes. I know it may seem pathetic already, but I went to bed wearing all my extra layers and even had my headlamp around my neck. My camera was already in my coat pocket and my shoes were strategically placed for the fastest slipping on possible. So, once I was ready to go to sleep – It took me a while to actually fall asleep, I would get in bed then go outside and look for Willow, then come back in. Finally I fell asleep but even dreamed about baby horses. So when I hurried outside, I thought maybe I had missed the birth and I would just be seeing the baby.  

To my suprise, there was Willow – no baby, but it was time. Gin said that Willow came up on the front porch when it was time, like hello… where are you? I am ready!  Gin said she has heard that mares like to be alone when then give birth, but it does not seem to be the case with hers. From being here a few days…I don’t see how her mares could do it without her. There is too special of a connection, it seems they need her there. I was so happy when Gin got me and so happy to know I was going to witness the birth. 


It was almost unreal, like I was still dreaming , but was all so real. In a matter of a few minutes the baby was out and ready to rumble – and a boy. I have never seen anything like this before – no not even on T.V. thank goodness but I really can’t even explain it – I don’t have any words. I am still in awe.


I got to see him born, see his first steps, first nursing, even first shiver as if began snowing right when it got light. Yes, snow in June. Then later in the day, be with him for his first little nap. In addition to the baby born today, the other baby is nearing 2 weeks old and also something I can’t take my eyes off.  As I write this post, there are 4 horses outside my cabin window, two beautiful mommas and their little ones. I can see that it is going to take me forever to write this because I am constantly getting up to go watch them. 

What a joy!

Ok enough typing, here are some pictures of the new ones  first big day! I think I took hundreds of pictures today. Here are a few – or many.

One thought on “The little one has come!

  1. Thank you for sharing one of your neatest days of your life! All the pics are great but my fav is the first in the last row – beautiful~

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