Something I don’t want to miss

Last night I was awaiting a much anticipated event in the cool quiet night. Willow, a gorgeous mare is due to give birth not any day, but any hour, any minute.

Something I don’t want to miss. 

I staked out the first part of the night with a watchful eye under the rising of the full moon.  Too excited to sleep and to anxious to rest.  The night was majestic with the full moon and light haze of cloud cover. I picked a spot on the fence and watched the sky brighten as the moon popped out and sifted through the light blanket of clouds. It is a sight to watch as the night gets lighter.

I have no pictures to post, I took none. Pictures rarely capture the true beauty of what we can see with our eyes. I am so thankful for sight. Last night I soaked it in.  I know I cannot begin to paint a picture of what I saw, felt and heard out in the night.  It is a rare to be outside in the stillness and darkness of the night.  Out here there are no street lights, no trains passing through, no highways, just nature. If I listened closely I could pick out the sound of the wind through the grass, the flowing water in the distance, birds and the sound of the horses chewing at the grass. The only thing that did not belong was the sound of music being played down at the campground… wait. What? Yes, Jack Johnson was intertwined with the natural sounds of the night. The moon was so majestic as it gave just enough light for me to watch the silhouettes of the horses as they moved about.  For once, I felt safe out in the open, under the big night sky.

Midnight came and went so I decided on a little rest and warmth. I set my alarm to get up a few times to seek out where Willow was never knowing what I would find. I am learning what to look for, what mannerisms are displayed etc. and each time I found her she was freely grazing – a definite not yet. So back to my warm bed I would go for a while longer. She was either grazing or standing still in the moon-light night.  There were a few times she would graze just outside my bedroom window, which made for a simple and warm check-in.  

After all the suspense, no foal this night and no foal this day – tonight is the night. 

Something I don’t want to miss.

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