Just about A rain-free day!

A beautiful day.

I hear that today is the first day since May 20 that there has not been rain, although it did cloud up a little, no real rain. I felt 2 drops but it never broke loose. Just being here in the last couple days I can see the aspen trees budding out more and things sprouting out. All the rain is great for spring growth and also diminishing fire danger when summer heat comes over the mountain.  

I am helping get ready for the busy season, this weekend guests start arriving so we are cleaning cabins and getting things ready. I love each of the cabins, they all have their own flare and character.

This evening I went down and just hung out by the horses for a while – just to observe them.  Most stopped by to say hi – but the 2 yearlings were the most in to hanging by me.  The picture below was one I took at feeding time.  It is interesting to watch as well and you can almost create a chain of command in watching them… who gets to keep the pile they started eating, or who can take over a pile from another etc. 

Supper Time

Supper Time

Already excited for a new day.

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