My first full day, full of many firsts!

Today was awesome.

I have not had much experience with horses, lets just say I have had none. Today was full of learning. It is amazing that in a short period of time that my brain can feel so full and overwhelmed.  I think that each day has potential to fill our heads with new information, I know our brains can take it, but if we do the same thing everyday and don’t learn from each day then it gets boring I think. Today was anything but boring and I know that every day that goes by will be a new adventure with more to learn.

Where I am living this summer I have the amazing opportunity to be around horses everyday, not just around them as in see them – but interact with them every day.  In addition, I have a great teacher who is very knowledgeable am around them all the time but chooses to also learn from them every day.

Canela and baby Crickett

Canella and baby Crickett

So, I’m excited. I’m not sure if I can remember everything I learned today – no I’m sure I can’t but each day will get better and I hope things will come naturally.

So, today was a day of many first for me – but to narrow it down, much of what I learned was around a few horses for just a small part of the whole day. I did not realize before that you can learn so much just by watching them interact with each other and taking a few minutes to be with them. So here is a quick summary of what I remember from today. In future posts, I will elaborate more as I learn more because some will not make sense yet.  For those that have horses and have experience with them, it may be boring, obvious or at least something to think about but I’m new!

  • Like I mentioned, you can learn a lot by watching the horses interact with each other. 
  • If a horse can feel a fly on its back, why has it been thought that the rider has to be rough and jerky with them? A horse can be trained in a gentle way.
  • A boss has to be established, is that the horse or the handler? I know who I want it to be. 
  • Accidents can be avoided, and if not avoided understood.
  • I got a brief introduction of tying up and saddling horses of which I will need practice I am positive.
  • I learned how to “restrain” a colt today to get some medicine. He was just a week old and a tough little fella.
  • Horses have their own body language that is key to pay attention to. For example their ears tell a lot, the weight distribution on their legs etc. They flirt, bite, kick and all that! 
  • How to approach a horse, because all horses are different and we can’t treat them all the same. – “approach and retreat” …repeat. 

    A little training

    A little training lesson


There was so much more I was able to see and witness and am excited for tomorrow. I am learning about horses from the ground up – literally and figuratively. I am pleased with it because if we cannot communicate with each other on the ground, then how can it be expected to happen when I am riding?

Well that is all for today, it’s getting late which means bed time. Another first for the day – A spider just crawled across my pillow – this may not be a first, but at least the first that I am aware of.

sweet dreams!

2 thoughts on “My first full day, full of many firsts!

  1. Gin-
    Thanks. I think it is very exciting, definately not boring. They are such neat creatures… intriging too and I am excited to learn.

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