A New Season

On my trip out to Colorado I had a lot of time… not just time to use doing anything. I had to drive, so I passed the time with thinking, singing and well, driving. I had decided before hand not to rush and get there in record time which is something I would normally do with all my excitement.  I tried to make the most out of the trip and enjoy it. I’ll admit the whole trip was not totally smooth and enjoyable, but I made it!wildflowers

The picture above is one I took a few hours from my summer home. I was so excited to see the wildflowers blooming that it was worth the stop.

Seeing the wildflowers blooming out made me think about the seasons. Not the seasons in terms of weather, but the seasons in our life. I think the seasons we go through are necessary for learning and growing and we need more than 4 seasons to do this. We can constantly learn, but have to choose to do so.  I am very excited about the season ahead of me. I am anxious to learn new things and grow from the experience.

I arrived on the ranch this afternoon and am thrilled. I have been to the area many times, but many times is never enough. Every year it becomes more beautiful and I can’t prepare myself or imagine it to be what it really is. I am in constant awe. If I cannot imagine the beauty here, how much more impossible would it be to imagine what heaven is like?

4 thoughts on “A New Season

  1. Such a beautiful picture – and beautiful girl; inside and out. I am proud of you for being so adventurous and always wanting to learn and stretch yourself. Keep growing, and have fun while you are at it!

  2. Hey Cuz,

    What an adventure! I love visiting places where you just can’t help but be in awe of God’s creation and beauty. I liked looking at my mom’s blog and seeing pics of your visit. You look pretty good in that red truck! Its fun being updated with your life. Talk to you later,

  3. I was hopeing you could tell me how your picture got there – and better yet, take it off 🙂
    You know I am clueless on all this.

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