The Market… Pikes

After living in the northwest for over 18 years I have only been to Seattle two times. I know, it’s sad and ever more pathetic after going to college in the state. Many people from Washington often look at me like an alien when they find out I have not been there much at all. For me, it’s ok, I would much rather avoid the city. I am more country led and enjoy smaller communities and atmospheres. I will pick less populated over heavily populated areas any day. That is a different story, but this week I was in the city for a conference. .. marking my 2nd venture to Seattle.

My favorite part was the market. I will dare to say that I would visit the city again just for the market.  I enjoyed hanging out at the fresh market with beautiful flowers, produce, fish and much more. I took many pictures of the flowers especially, their beauty was unreal – so many different varieties and colors.  seseveral. 

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