Summer Adventure

Well, tomorrow I embark on a journey. A journey to Colorado for the summer. I will be staying at a ranch in the Colorado mountains to help, learn and grow all I can. I am unbelievably excited. I don’t have too much time to post as I’m leaving in the morning and have yet to finish packing!  Briefly- If you look at the picture below, the ranch is in this valley… absolutely breathtaking scenery and beautiful everything.  It is located just up the road from our family cabin that we have been blessed to spend time at throughout the years. I am excited to spend time in the mountains this summer. The time always goes so fast but I am anxious to start and ready to learn!  For more information about where I will be staying, check out the link above. My hope is to post about my adventure up here this summer. Check back for pictures and stories! I would love to stay in touch as well – for those that can email, I will have limited email access and will be able to respond to comments here as well.

Here the adventure starts…. with packing! 🙂 The Valley

One thought on “Summer Adventure

  1. Hey Beka! I’m glad to find out about your blog. I look forward to checking it more often and hearing your stories this summer. What a beautiful opportunity ahead of you! I hope you enjoy your stay with my mom :o) Talk to you later…

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