sun kissed tea

One of the things I love about summer being on its way is sun tea. Today seemed to be the most beautiful day of the year so far as it was real warm and sunny all day long. So, any day like this is the perfect day to “brew” up some yummy tea!  For those that have not done this, it is so simple! Did I mention it is simple yet? Just put tea bags in a jar, put on the lid and let it sun-bathe! The lid is a must unless you want the flies to find it! We like to make it pretty concentrated, that way we can spread it out between several glasses. It should get direct sun for a while – for best brewing. We put it right out on our front porch because it gets good sun all day. 

Here is the jar before getting sun-kissed: …Sun tea in the makingand here is the tea after, but only seconds before it was gone! Sun Tea!!

 Next to water, there is not really another drink that satisfies my thirst out in the sun, then a big glass of crisp, brisk iced-tea!

Happy tea drinking!

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