long time no blog…

I have not posted in a while for a few reasons:

It was finals week, I was packing up my apartment, moving, had no Internet and had projects at work. I guess that qualifies as a good list of excuses, but I still found myself wanting to write something in the midst of the craziness. Now that I am back at home with the school year behind me I can take a deep breath – but just a short one. The craziness has not subsided just yet. Now I have to do the opposite… unpack, organize, sort and do many little “back to town” errands. My truck was hit in the parking lot at school, so that needs dealt with among needing to take it to the mechanic anyways. So this blog is turning into more of a to-do list I guess. It may still be a little while before I post some of the things I have planned.  I have promised my mother I would have my apartmentout of the living room by tomorrow morning, so I better get moving. My things are spread out all over and I have realized that this girl has too much stuff. So, downsizing I am. My things have been spread out between two separate places so once it is together, wow – I do not need it all. I have a sale planned in a few weeks that hopefully goes well.

Here are a few of the highlights of the past few days!  

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