A story of Restoration

My boyfriend has a heart for restoration…not letting things deteriorate beyond repair… he hates to see old structures go down due to lack of upkeep and maintenance. He basically does not like to let things go. We will drive by beautiful old barns that are about to fall in and could be saved and when he sees things as such it makes him wish he could get in there himself and prevent what is soon to come.  He sees the potential in what  they could be or should be, not the mess that they will soon become if allowed to cave in.  Over the past few years, he has enjoyed the amazing project (in his spare time) of restoring this house. This house was once the home of his great grandparents and the one that his grandpa grew up in with his many siblings – it is well over 100 years old.  In 1930, it was even moved to it’s current location.   I have seen the house through a few stages, but have just now seen the true “before pictures” and I am amazed at all of his work, inside and out.  I mean, I would have no idea of where to start, but that is usually the problem, we don’t know where to start – so we often just don’t.  He has done a fantastic job and I really admire his heart for wanting to take care of and restore such things. Every time I visit him I am so excited to see the progress, because there is always something that he has done.  On my last visit, I helped him paint the outside – which was so fun, I love to help!  Come to think of it, if he has anything to do with it structures are not the only things he won’t let go… but  even with an entire country between us, he did not let me go.  That is another story, but I am proud and wanted to show off his hard work thus far.

3 thoughts on “A story of Restoration

  1. This was interesting to learn about Greg. I’m glad you showed off his hard work and that you got to help. Is this house finished now? If so, what is his next project?

    • Nope, it is not finished yet, there is some more painting and screening in of the porch for the outside. There is inside work as well. He works on it as he has the time and materials. For example, some of the siding is off the land! The windows are recycled from elsewhere as well.

  2. Wow! I cannot even imagine the work involved here, beautiful pictures Beka (and nice painting job :)!

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