A life Challenge

As I was writing, or typing my last post a quote that my dad gave me came to mind and I want to share it, it seems to relate. I love his wisdom, it always comes at the right time and he knows exactly what to say and when.

 “Worthwhile goals and achievements can only be appreciated when the process is enjoyed. Enjoying the process, which can be described as the mundane, difficult, the valleys and discouraging parts of everyday life, is the key to being real and someone others will want to be like and spend time with. Focusing too much attention and energy on the completion of a task or goal can make us undesirable people. If one’s goal is reached at the sake of family, friends or peers, which they will label selfish ambition, you will find that the few who walk with you are just like you.”  

–My dad–

I have learned that if I focus too much time on a goal, what is to come, or even what is in the past – the present becomes useless and I fail to enjoy it.  We miss out on so much around us by focusing all we are on one specific thing no matter what that is.  For the past couple years – my thing has been school, not 100 % of my energy, but way too much. I have made good friends here and found things that I enjoy – thankfully that don’t involve school, but I still feel as though I limited myself because I was so driven to complete this goal.

5 thoughts on “A life Challenge

    • well, a lot of it is that fact that I have been in school so long – 2.5 degrees and I am burnt out more than once! 🙂

  1. I agree with your statement that we miss out on so much the present because our mind is elsewhere and not present. Even if we are not enjoying what is happening in the present, I think we can have a positive impact and change some of the unpleasantness if we fully engage our mind and emotions in the present instead of complaining or wishing things were different. The apostle Paul said he’d learned to be content in every situation. That is a good goal because when we are content, we are at peace and we are a blessing to those we are with.

  2. thanks for sharing this, Beka.
    excellent wisdom, both from your dad and from you.
    some things we need to remember, they are too easy to forget, too easy to overlook.
    yes, enjoy the journey, enjoy the ride.
    i need to remind myself regularly.
    and slow down when you can, because, boy, there are some beautiful things we’d miss if we go to quickly, every time we take the time to look.

    • Gin, I agree. I often find myself on the ride, but forgetting to enjoy it – and have to remind myself too because otherwise I miss it!
      I look forward to seeing you all soon!!

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