Focusing on the “Timeless”

It seems like we (and by “we” I definately mean me) place a “time” on everything – all is put into a specific time frame.  This may be due to the fact that my schedule revolves around deadlines and having to be certain places at certain times (class, work etc.)  As a result, I have noticed a personal habit of  automatically focusing on time  – how much I have left or how much I have lost.  I am queen of countdowns and countups! For example, I have 25 days of school left this year; I have been in Grad School 2.5 years; It takes me exactly 12 minutes to get from my apartment to my12:10 class; I get to see my boyfriend in 78 days…. it never ends, but of course it does, it is time and it runs out.  This type of thinking may seems perfectly normal to many people because  being “on time” is an important trait and is perfectly appropriate (especially to catch a flight or keep your job).  Society revolves around time or better put, we live in a “fast-food-society” – we have no time, everything needs to happen now. 

If we slow down or even stop to think… maybe even for a split second we could see what we are missing, what we are sacrificing and what we really want… by dwelling on time. In the end, the timeless things matter and are what we learn to cherish. I’m not saying that time should be thrown out the window, but if we are consumed by it – what kind of people will be become?

The reason I think about this topic today is because I stopped to think.  Days that I have had the best “time” was when I was completely unaware of what time it actually was, it did not matter.  If the sun is up I should be too and if it’s the moon, maybe I should get some sleep.  I know I am being redundant and saying this too much, but focusing so much on time causes us to loose sight of things that are “timeless”. If I focus too much time on what is to come or dwell too much on the past, than the present becomes useless and I fail to enjoy it because I am focusing on something that will fade.  We miss out on so much by wishing time would go faster through a certain time (personal example has been the last few years of school) but often when looking back you really miss out on some of the good that could have came about.   

Timeless things are unaffected by time and a date simply cannot be put on them.

Things that are “timeless”  make life what it is, it brings LIFE to life! I began to think of things that are indeed timeless… and the first one that came to my mind was love.  We grow old, out loved ones grow old, but love is timeless. It cannot be given a date, it never dies. Love preserves through all times, good or bad.   

Thinking of the timeless and giving our focus there is refreshing and even rewarding. It can bring perspective to the things that we have placed time on. I have been encourage to be aware of time time, but cherish the timeless and make them priority.

If you want to share others, we could get a wonderful list! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Focusing on the “Timeless”

  1. Easter Sunday afternoon we enjoyed spending time (several hours) just sitting on a covered dock beside a lake watching fish, birds, the water, sky, feeling the breeze. It was very restful and refreshing, something appropriate for a sabbath day, don’t you think? Remember the last time we were with you at Todd Lake, feeding blueberries to Camp Jays?

  2. Yes I remember our time at Todd Lake, that was great. I also was remembering our time at Crater Lake last summer! I need to put up an Easter post, but have not gotten that far yet… I’m a little behind for the week already! Glad that you had a wonderful relaxing Easter!

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