Dream On…Seriously!

Dreams mean different things to different people:

  • Some have them and move on not thinking twice about them
  • Some live in them and ignore reality
  • While…others avoid them and choose reality
  • Few claim to never have them
  • some can’t escape them
  • Some don’t believe they can come true
  • Some won’t rest until they do
  • but at the same time… some are resting on dreams come true

I see dreams maybe a little different than many. I have always been what my parents call a “dreamer” because I am always coming up with ideas that seem (I will admit) somewhat extreme or crazy or weird.  I have from time to time received that  blank stare or “good luck with that” reaction. To clarify, I am not necessarily talking about the dreams I have in my sleep – that is another story because they often really are out there and make no sense. I am talking about good ol’ day dreams or thoughts or ideas. Moreso, the things that excite me, get me going. When I grow up I want to….   that kind of dreaming.  To me dreams have purpose, I believe God places them inside us so that we can live purposeful and wholesome lives. No matter how crazy an idea or “dream” is, we don’t have them to immediately write off or forget about. If we don’t work to accomplish what we set out to do and desire to do… someday, someone somewhere somehow is going to do it and it will leave you wondering if it could have been you. So, that may be really really out there to many, but I will always believe it – don’t limit yourself! All that to say, I also have to not write off my dreams  –  I know I am not meant to do all of them, but if I don’t do any of them I will have failed. Dreams change, they grow and combine – does that dream no matter how big or small still live inside you? 

 Dream on…

into reality!


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