My morning at the Co-Op

 Today I am writing as I sit at the Moscow Co-Op. I decided to wake up early this morning and get my day started with a cup of fresh coffee and some much needed studying – since it really has to be a productive day.  Now that the school year is wrapping up I wish I would have done this more often.

The Co Op is just about 8 miles from where I live, but it is well worth the drive to get good organic and fair-trade espresso – and of course get one of my favorite dark chocolate bars… since I happen to be there. 🙂 I have not decided if I drove all the way out here to study, or to buy a bar of chocolate since I am a big fan of true 100% organic dark chocolate, that they have many many of (Sorry Hersey’s, you don’t count). I cannot afford to do all my shopping here, it would break the bank – but I wish I could.  Their coffee is good, and is priced well. Compared to other major coffee houses (umm Starbucks) their prices are actually cheaper as they give an extra shot of espresso for the size, AND all their products are 100% organic.


I snapped a quick picture of part of the chocolate isle!! Part of the Isle devoted to Chocolate


As I sit here typing and working on my homework I like to people watch. It is a nice place to study because there is such an array of people that come in.  I often find myself more distracted than I should be, but it is better than starting at the same wall at my apartment all day.  There are many walks of life that come in and all make the environment what it is. This morning as I sit, it is rather busy and louder than I anticipated but the sun is shining in through the big window behind me and is giving me warmth on this brisk day.  This is how I know I will be here for a while. 


This guy happened to walk into  my quick snap shot from my corner. Oops.

A quick picture from my corner


 I have been working on my coffee for about an hour and still have not paid for it, they run the honor system. You pay at the register when you are done and have finished other shopping. I like this aspect and hope that people really do honor this system. It creates a nicer environment.


 I was not paying any attention to the conversation going on at the table to my right….that is until I heard this 

“I get more and more annoyed at the airline system every time I fly somewhere. I firmly believe and always will that I should be able to negotiate the amount  I am charged for my bag being over 50 pounds.”


Interesting.  It went on, but It all lost me.


Upon my arrival into the parking lot here, I don’t fit the profile of a shopper here. First, I drove here which is the first no-no. They even give discounts for those arriving on something they powered themselves (their own feet or maybe a bike). So, I blew that one and also as I pull my 4-wheel drive gas hog of a truck into the parking lot I can’t help but notice that it is already full of Subaru’s and VWs.  One of these things do not belong. I cannot call if fuel efficient or “good for the environment” and never will,  but it is very good for me and even efficient at that.  It has carried many large items that many would only wish to fit in the back of their Subaru.


Once I am inside… I made the cut on at least one thing. My shoes are the same shoes as 4 other ladies around me. My Danskos made the cut.



Upon checkout from the Co-Op the question is asked: Would you like a bag?

If you say yes, the cashier seems happy to assist, but the customer behind with the large cloth shopping bag they bring every week often scowls that you are agreeing to take a paper bag even it if it does say 100% recycled paper. I am a fan of recycling, but there are some things I just don’t want to put into my purse, like raw meat – thanks anyway. I wish I would remember my re-usable bag everytime, but I sometimes forget…


My post has no point today – but I guess I need to be productive because after all that is why I came here.




2 thoughts on “My morning at the Co-Op

  1. Anxious to get to have coffee/breakfast with you at the co-op next weekend! I hope they are serving the delicious blueberry pancakes! And ofcourse we will have to stock up on chocolate bars – for Dad, right? (ha ha)!

  2. Yes! I am anxious and excited too! This time we may be in your “fuel-efficient” car! 🙂 Yes, dad needs many many dark-chocolate bars…. and I will have to help him eat them ALL! 🙂
    You are so funny! I can hear you saying that!

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