“Windex Original”

This morning I had a funny moment, well at least to me (it made me laugh out loud).  I had a bottle of Windex sitting on the counter from cleaning glass the previous evening and I glanced at it as I walked by then processed in my head “Windex Original”.  Somehow, I related it to a food product that would be “original”… like dressing or something… an original recipe rather than “low fat” or “low sodium”.  The day that I walk down the cleaning isle and look for something like “light” Windex or “high fiber” laundry detergent we are in trouble. But I have to admit, maybe I am too into looking at labels!  This may be due to the fact that I am a nutrition major and it will be a portion of my job to be knowledgeable about all different food products, I promise I will never recommend someone look for “healthier” Windex.


2 thoughts on ““Windex Original”

  1. hahahaha, love it! I’ve always thought that simple green sounded like a food too, and it smells like diet pepsi, maybe that is why.

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