Simple Flour “Sifting”

Sometimes recipes call for “sifted flour” or say “sift together…”  or even say nothing about sifting anything, but no recipes call for packedflour.  I have found that using my standard whisk works perfectly for loosening up the flour in my canister that has been pushed down from frequent dipping or just becomes settled.  I just stick in my whisk and lightly fluff the flour around and it really works to incorporate air and fluff it up. Then it is very simple to softly scoop out flour.  Some recipes do not seem to be as finicky, but some food products can be ruined because too much flour is added. Using a cup of un-sifted flour can equate to almost an extra quarter cup of flour in your recipe.

When I need to sift ingredients together I use my sifter, but I have found that my standard whisk works well to loosen up flour in my canister to start the process, then I at least start with a lightly sifted product.  So hey, try it!

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