Out with the Peanut Butter –

I decided part way through Januray to pick something new to fast each month. There are many things that I do and eat quite frequently that I have become habits and I’m not even sure why, but yet control my life.

Today is the first day of February and the first thing that came to my mind for this month was PEANUT BUTTER – that substance seriously has a grip on me and it is out of control. I know why I love it, it is so good! I cannot get sick of it, it is rediculous – must be magical. I am scared to know how much Peanut Butter has gone through my system – pounds upon pounds. I literally eat a PBJ on average of 6.992 days a week.
Just to show it who is boss – I am going to struggle through 28 full days of NO PEANUT BUTTER or even a peanut! 🙂

wish me luck. Wthout it I might die. (could I be any more dramatic?)
more later, over and out.

One thought on “Out with the Peanut Butter –

  1. So, how are you doing without peanut butter now that the month is nearly over? What did you learn? And what did you eat instead? Did you discover something new that you like very much?

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