The Little Things in Life…

Have you ever experienced or been a part of something so beautiful and breathtaking, that as a result, you knew that you would undoubtedly never be the same from that moment on? When such things happen, you just can’t explain their entirety to anyone because there are no words. For each person this can be something vastly different, but whatever it is, it tickles the toes of our hearts, dances on our spine, and reaches to the deepest part of who we are – who we were created to be. I believe with all my heart that such things come from God, the Author and Creator of life. Each of us were perfectly and uniquely designed by Him, so that through His vast creation we could experience His wonder and glory.
“Don’t be deceived, my dear brothers. Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.” James 1:16-17
Praise God for all of His gifts, big and small. Many times though, we live for the big events or things that we can’t miss because they are right in front of us. Society seems to be skewing what we should see as most important. We seem to only get excited about the big things that everyone can see. If we live our lives just for the big events, promotions, and the rush, those alone may not get us through the dry spells. I fear we can miss out on so much in living this way because we miss out on the day to day gifts from God that He sends in many forms. Finally, we have arrived to the topic of interest, “the little things in life”…

If it was not for the “little things in life”, I don’t see how I would make it. For me, the little things are present in each and every day, but when caught up in the mundane tasks and day to day activities, they can be missed, covered up, and lost forever. When the time is taken to see them, it is amazing how blessed a day can be. These are not necessarily limited to “little things”, although some are small, rather – the things we experience that make us smile, laugh, love, think, and enjoy life. They mold each moment, hour, and day that goes by. When I get caught up in things that have to be done, I start to lose sight of what I enjoy and love. This is when I set myself up to only see something big, and whether it comes or not, I miss the beauty that is possible in each day. Each day God sends us messages to encourage us, and tell us how much He loves us. Don’t look past that magnificent sunrise, that smile from a stranger, that smell you love, that hug where all the sudden everything is alright, or that warm sun that leaves a tingle on your face because in all these you will see God.

It is up to us to live as to not miss out on the little things that make us thrive. For me, I have chosen to reevaluate my own life. As a child, from as far back as I can remember, there was and still is that burning question which never seems to fade. “What do you want to be when you grow up”? We have all spent so much of our lives preparing for what we are going to be, whether that is what we have always wanted to be, or what will make us the most money and prestige, or what others think we should be. There is so much demand in figuring out our lives, and fast. Once we are grown up and arrive at what we are going to be, we are left with another burning question that may never be answered, if we miss out on the true importance of life. “Now what”? I cannot answer this for anyone and by no means expect to have the answers, but have decided some things for myself. First, God is the answer to life, without Him, there is nothing, as each breath we breath is supplied by Him. Second, this “dream job” that that I have does not parallel with my “dream life” if you will, which sounds odd, I agree. The little things in life (and the big) along with their importance to me cannot be sacrificed for the prestige and potential prosperity in a certain job. Yes, it may make me happy, but that is not enough. One of the worst things that could happen is to look back on a life full of emptiness because I missed out on “the little things”, hence; God’s gifts for which I’m afraid have already missed too many of.

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